Custom Metal Caps

Custom Metal Caps – Continuous Thread

Custom metal caps perform the function of sealing a package but can also be used to brand and identify a product.  It is also a communication tool.  With the option to coat and print with color consistency and high definition readability you don’t have to settle for labels and temporary identification.  Why not trust your brand, your message and your custom metal cap or closure to a quality conscious manufacturer with decorative capabilities?  Purchasing directly from the manufacturer allows you to have a conversation about your specific requirement with the experts representing our factory.

Custom Metal Caps

Custom Lithographed Metal Caps

We emboss.  Accent your metal cap with attention grabbing embossment. With or without custom graphics, your name will get attention and be a lasting advertisement for the original product.

 Custom Metal Caps

Embossed and Printed Continuous Thread Metal Caps

Customization includes custom inside coatings and liners. We can provide what you request but also make recommendations that will be compatible with your products we encourage your to test our caps with corrosive and acidic products.  We also encourage you to send your container to us so that we can make the necessary modifications to accommodate bottles and jars that are out of spec.

We eliminate headaches by controlling the process from start to finish.  We are family owned and provide flexibility, personal attention and access to our products, people and facilities in the US.